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How many teachers feel

  • Teachers often feel overwhelmed and do not know what to do or whom to ask for help. They feel frustrated because they began this profession with enthusiasm, but long hours and having to comply with bureaucracy as well as spending time preparing classes makes them too tired to prepare imaginative, motivating lessons.

  • By the end of the week, they are exhausted, although they continue working for hours on the weekend to catch up on correcting and get a head start on the following week. Sometimes they feel guilty for not giving students their best. As a result, students start losing interest, and some begin to misbehave.

  • Many teachers begin to burn out. They live day to day trying to maintain balance; however, in the end their personal life and their health suffers. I speak from my own experience, since I have been there. I know others have, too.

On more than one occasion, you may have thought, «I would love to find someone who understands what is happening to me and shares how I feel, so that together we can find a strategy to move forward.»

Therese Kuettel teaching.

The good news is that there IS such a person.

My name is Therese Kuettel.

In fact, there is a whole community of professionals in education who would love a change.

Why don’t we start the change?

Instead of waiting for a magical solution, we are the ones who can start this journey towards classes that incorporate activities that cater to each student’s learning style while respecting their individuality. Through these activities, students learn to use simple resources that make their learning easier and more long-term and increase their self-esteem and confidence.

How can you give your classes a boost?

By simply tweaking your techniques!

After spending over forty years in the field of education, I have experienced different teaching contexts and encountered a variety of difficulties with all kinds of groups. In my book Triple-T Teaching, I have explained 18 dynamic techniques to make the classroom environment livelier and more constructive, involving students in their learning with activities and projects that interest them.

The thrill of teaching will be restored with just a few small adjustments to your day-to-day classes, and more importantly, your students will find new motivation to learn.

Teaching techniques

Imagine for just a moment...

Classes in which we can find:


How is it achieved?

With the Triple-T Teaching movement found in my book, of the same title.

What is Triple-T Teaching?

Triple-T Teaching is a movement that offers teachers a way to enhance their daily teaching. This movement came about through becoming conscious of the transformation that students experience when they see that their individual talents are essential to achieving a team project.

It took me several years to become aware of why this transformation was happening in classes like mine and not in others that used passive instead of active methodology. I finally realized that the key to these changes was for students to be involved in their learning, conscious of their strengths and able to use these talents in team projects.

Triple-T Teaching gets its name from the three pillars it is based on:


Students must become aware of their individual talents.


There must be opportunities in class activities for students to apply them and for students to work together.


This comes once they have put their talents into practice. Students are conscious of how their contributions are essential to achieving the final outcome of the activities. They feel empowered. Their self-esteem flourishes. They want more.

If this movement sounds interesting to you,

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Our WhatsApp group, «Triple-T Teachers»  includes teachers from different schools interested in proposing more dynamic activities in their classes.


This group is without cost and is managed by me. Its main purpose is informative. A variety of events like master classes, IG Lives, workshops and boot camps will be announced as the dates approach. In addition, tips for improving personal habits and maintaining balance will be shared. Members will be invited to exchange ideas.

Attendance is not required at any proposed activity.


The group is for teachers who teach subjects in English, mainly to students ranging from 6 to 13 years of age.


We communicate primarily in English.


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No commitment is required!

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Who am I ?


As a student

During my early school years in Minnesota (USA), I really enjoyed my classes and felt that my teachers really cared about me.

When I studied at the University of Minnesota, I soon became bored and just couldn’t pay attention due to the passive methodology.

Once I arrived in Spain, I tried four academies to learn Spanish. However, traditional teaching made me lose motivation and give up.

I was starting to realize how great an impact active methodology had on learning.


As a teacher

I have 4 decades of experience and training as a teacher. The schools range from primary schools in the US to private and public schools in Spain. I even passed the Civil Service exam in Madrid and became a civil servant!


As a mother

Two of my three children were failing some high school subjects while experiencing the same lack of motivation as I had. Could it have been the result of passive methodology?

Let’s DO something about this!

We need teachers like you in our tribe!

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You're still not sure?

Let me tell you more!

Now that I am retired, I have time, a deep desire and endless energy. I have created «Triple-T Teachers» for teachers who want to promote these changes that the education system needs. I am passionate about teaching and what continues to happen in this environment saddens me.

What empowers me is the magic of personal and professional transformation. In addition to leading the students to feel the exhilaration of change, experience has taught me that the teachers will also be inspired by it.

Together we can discover and apply a few simple tweaks to our classroom techniques.

Together we will change lives.

“Triple-T Teachers” is for you if

Take this opportunity and make a difference in your teaching!


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If it is not for you, you can leave the group at any time.

No need for explanations.

positive vibes

However, I guarantee very positive vibes!

Let's do this… together!

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