Triple-T Teaching

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18 easy-to-follow ideas to tweak your techniques, 

transform your students and 

renew your passion for teaching.

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«It is amazing that a book about teaching methodology could be so passionate. In addition to a guide with 18 easy ideas to increase the participation in your classes, it is the inspiring story of this brave woman who loves to live life to the max.»

Ana Isabel. CEIPSO San Sebastián.

«Triple-T Teaching is the result of Therese’s need to share what she learned during her 40 years of teaching experience.

You will

  • learn easy-to -follow techniques that will encourage your students to be generous, empathetic and autonomous.
  • discover ways to help students to become conscious of their talents and apply them.
  • enjoy this marvelous profession again.»

Ana Regalado. CEIP Ciudad de Nejapa.

The current situation of many teachers

The world is rapidly changing and so is the profile of our students. Although basic content for teaching is learned at the university, more specific tools to address the ongoing challenges are lacking.


My name is Therese Kuettel

In my four decades of experience, I have learned these tools from talented professionals. I apply them in class with multi-aged students who have a variety of learning challenges. Together we work on the weak areas, strengthen their talents and celebrate the successes.

Being a part of students’ individual and group

transformation is amazing.

Triple-T Teaching was written with these students

and experiences in mind. 

There are 18 techniques that take your teaching to another level and make a life-long impact on your students

Triple-T Teaching includes a guide with 18 techniques to:      

It is scientifically proven that we retain more of what we learn when we are involved. For this reason, the techniques in this book promote participation from everyone.

18 techniques

If you would like to

Renew your passion

for teaching

Tweak your techniques to increase active methodology to maximize learning

Know more about Therese and the movement of Triple-T Teaching

The 18 techniques that I explain have made a positive impact on many aspects of the students’ learning.

Why should you read this book?


Key 1

Guide students to be conscious of their talents and weaknesses

Key 2

Key 2

Provide opportunities for students to apply their talents to team activities and projects


Key 3

Celebrate the transformation that occurs at various levels together

Guide students to be conscious of their talents and weaknesses

Provide opportunities for students to apply their talents to team activities and projects

Celebrate the transformation that occurs at various levels together

What does the book include?

Therese White board

1. My struggles with passive methodology

Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, I was crazy about going to school! The students worked together in various group settings with teachers who often used real life situations to make the learning more meaningful. 

 In later years, the methodology became more passive. My learning challenges became a nightmare.

Now I am retired.

It is time to use my experience to encourage a positive change that will help students to maximize their learning and help teachers to feel the passion for teaching again.

2. A guide with 18 techniques divided into 6 categories

  1. The Pillars (Values)
  2. Getting to know each other
  3. Discovering talents
  4. Building the team
  5. Mini whiteboards
  6. Formative assessment

3. Adaptations for different levels of English




Each technique includes

an explanation of

1. Why the technique is so beneficial

2. The step-by-step process

3. My personal reflection from experience

Using techniques like these has changed the lives of both students and teachers.

Estrella fugaz

The dynamics of the group is so positive.

The motivation is absolutely amazing!

Why I wrote this book

I am passionate about effective teaching.

Teaching that really makes an impact.

I feel that it is my responsibility to share my experience as a student, as a teacher and as a mother, so that other teachers and students will benefit from the simple techniques that are proposed in this book. 


More change is needed.

Class dynamics and the relationship among the students and teachers can and should improve.

I encourage you to take action now!

Start tweaking your techniques with the activities in Triple-T Teaching.

Your passion for teaching will be renewed

You will be a part of their individual and group transformation.

Their learning will be effective, for now and for years to come.

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